Legal Ambit is a law firm having its offices in Pakistan and Dubai) UAE, We have excellent foreign qualified team of dedicated and dynamic lawyers to cater legal issues of our clients. We resort to resolve legal issues in the following areas of law.

Taxation law

Our dedicated team of professional lawyers assists our clients to resolve their tax matters in Pakistan virtually every business decision today has tax consequences .you deserve the post practical tuned –in and well-crafted tax solution. we provide a comprehensive  range of services from the completion of tax returns under corporation  tax  self assessment to complex consultancy assignments and strategic tax planning. Our ability to focus on our clients and deliver innovative tax solution is enhanced by our knowledge of specific business environment including financial services leisure retail sport high growth companies manufacturing and automotive technology and communication public sector property and utilities. Taxation compliance, expatriate taxation, offshore taxation issues tax residency and 180 days rule, local tax legislation in the working country

Corporate practice

inception until the cessation of corporate life .these matters include preparatory arrangements,  negotiations, drafting of contracts and agreements, documents registration of the establishment liquidation, bankruptcy, closure, mergers and acquisition in highly competitive and aggressive business environment. We have expertise in international transaction, banker equity, traveler chaques, bills of lading ,negotiable instruments ,online banks transfer hacking and cross border laws and its implementations.

Banking and finance

Our team is closely working with various banks in transactional nature of banking and finance practice involves us in wide range of debt and equity transaction. We regularly advise local and foreign banks on

secured and unsecured financial transactions including local and cross border syndications, multicurrency facilities and financial products and band issues. We also represent clients in all forms of project finance and structured finance we regularly act of local banks on syndicated and bilateral transactions.

Arbitration and ADR

The attorneys of capital lawyers have extensive experience serving as arbitrator’s mediators or advocates in arbitral proceedings. In commercial disputes arbitration and ADR are practically availed  by the disputing parties because they have more control over the ultimate outcome and it is less injurious to business relations , capital lawyers  places itself at the leading edge of arbitration and ADR across the country” Dubai international Arbitration center, Arbitration center in Singapore and Malaysia “our lawyers are well conversant with the potential remedies of each   disputes and can move easily  from initiating  a case to settlement reflecting  our experience and commitment in this area of law .we have maintained significant affiliations with different arbitral intuitions  both locally and internationally.

Energy & Power (oil and  Gas)

We help our clients to respond effectively to the changing shape of the energy and resources sector we can assist you by providing top tier legal advice combined with industry knowledge, firm has provided advice related to matters such as corporate structure, joint venture agreements, permitting and licensing & other regulatory regulations. Firm has expertise in specific areas inter alia, project development, acquisitions and divestitures, environmental aspects, regulatory matters and aboriginal population or communities issues “Water and Power, Mining and metals, Oil and Gas”


We are regionally recognized leaders in global insurance  sector as we support  our clients across the full range of their  legal needs  including  M & A  joint ventures  establishing new  operations  restructuring  and run –off  financial  services  regulations and enforcement  development of complex insurance  and alternative  risk  transfer  distribution of major insurance /reinsurance  disputes outsourcing and other commercial  contracts.

Property and real estate

Acting for the real estate  industry’s leading individuals, we have  committed resources know-how  to get  your deals done whatever and wherever  our approach  with a recognized  ability to deliver complex deals. we handle  the entire property life –cycle  from the initial  acquisition, development, leasing, joint venturing  and financing through  financial institutions. Our scale of geographical reach , seals coordinated approach, means we can support any real estate project across the country.

ISO certification

ISO certification is a quality management  certification received are fit for   certain quality  management techniques and systems recommended by ISO organization  governed by company, firms or organizations active in various  economic fields  these quality management  systems and technique are imperiously created  by ISO through global consensus.

The following modern certification is,

ISO 9001 quality management

ISO 14001 environmental management

ISO 27001 information security management

ISO 26000 social responsibilities.

Company incorporation in Pak-UAE

The registration f new company and also the establishment of their  business anywhere in the entire world ,is supported by capital lawyers  Islamabad  comprehensively  flawlessly dependably and rather economically  our legal organization  is prominent  worldwide  for its reliable  and exquisite legal services  concerned with all  sectors. We have been helping entrepreneur’s businessmen companies and organizations in new company registration as per their respective choices in Pakistan, UAE Malaysia, I.e private limited company, public limited company sole proprietorship, onshore/offshore companies.

Civil and criminal litigation

We also litigate housing discrimination public accommodation discrimination and various other civil rights cases our civil rights lawyers have handled campaign finance ligation and injunctions and litigation against, divorce, maintenance, custody of minors all family matters.

Labour and employment.

We deal in the matters of appointment of an employees or employers cases of civil servants regarding workers of workmen appointment and termination matters cases about recruitment appointment promotion and reversion to a lower grade or service removal from service matters of pension gratuity and provident fund all kind of cases regarding service and employment. Cases before labour courts cases before labour tribunals cases before social security, courts and appeal cases before NIRC cases before high courts, drafting and vetting of employment contracts and agreements, legal notice and replies  legal opinion.

Road accidents cases

Our team of lawyers is specially tasked to handle road accident cases in UAE /gulf states ,we help our community to complete all required documents to recover  (sharia blood money ) and compensation through   court of law. We file insurance claims in case of road accidents ,medical treatment ,workmen injury claims in Pakistan, UAE and England.


Our law firm is closely intact with  information and communication  technology  sector in Pakistan and UAE  where the firm is playing its active role to provide legal assistance to its clients in telecommunication sector , we are also advising on their corporate  restructuring  regulatory  matters foreign loans  and investments therein,  the firm has advised international lenders on securitization  and repatriation  of foreign loans in various  lending  projects of telecommunication companies. We have vast experience in providing advice and legal assistance on the incorporation and establishment of telecommunication companies in Pakistan. “We do hope for future mutual business ties.”